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Catalan vs Spanish...


Me and Inger did this assignment together last week. We asked 6 persons, mostly persons at school. We asked them if they felt Catelan or Spanish and if they wanted Catalonia to be independent from the rest of Spain. We both thought the assignment was interesting and found out that most of them felt Catelan but that they felt different when it comes to the independence. But I also have to mention that we had some language problems, but I think we understood the most.

A teacher at school (we forgot to ask his name) had a strong Catalan feeling and felt very Catalan. He has been living in Barcelona all his life, his family as well. He talked a bit about the importance of Catalonia`s language, culture and history and also that he wanted Catalonia to be independent from the rest of Spain. He thought that Catalonia was different from the rest of Spain. “People living in Catalonia are thinking in an other way”, he said. He also mentioned the economy of Catalonia, that they have a rich economy.

The “receptionist” at the first floor at our school felt also Catelan and she did identify herself with a Catelan woman. She has been living in Catalonia her whole life, and as she said; “she felt Catelan in her heart”. The question about the independence of Catalonia she didn`t say that much, but she said it was interesting, but not necessary for her with independence.

Finally we asked a student at our school. She has, as the two others, also been living in Barcelona her whole life. But she felt both Catelan and Spanish. She didn`t like the thought of Catalonia beeing independence from the rest of Spain, she prefered to be a part of Spain. But she really wanted the Catelan language to be official and she also said she felt that the Catelan language got discriminated from the rest of Spain and also from spanish talking countries in South-Amerika.

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